Motivation is Intent, and intent is everything in the ceremony called life

I learned a valuable lesson these last two weeks about how I lose focus when I am working towards something. I have always said that our Intent is the most important thing to set before we go into a ceremony or a workshop…or life for that matter. When I started on the Fitness program I am on now it was with a really clear intent. My intent was to make myself stronger so I could do more in my spiritual path. I had read that if we are not physically fit, it hinders our spiritual growth because we are too tired to do the meditations, or focus on the discipline needed to move forward in our spiritual practice. So my intent was to get stronger and more fit so I could keep up with the physical demands of my spiritual path. I found I was tiring easier and would put off doing certain things because of this tiredness…even doing the healing work at times or the workshops was putting a strain on me. So on reading this I became determined to change that and put out to Spirit to help me find a way to get back into shape. I was very clear within myself that the fitness program was for me to be stronger to do the spiritual work I have come here to do. Then as I got to be about 7 or 8 weeks into the program, I found myself being influenced by outside people and things. People saying to me “do you have to eat that every day?”, “you are going to be growing feathers and clucking like a chicken soon”, “I couldn’t do that, I think you just need to follow your inner guidance, that’s what I do”, “how much weight have you lost”, “if you don’t know, how do you know it’s even working”, etc, etc, etc. I started questioning my diet and myself. I started focusing on the weight, did I look thinner, and when the answer didn’t come back from myself positive (does it ever?), I started giving up and “adjusting” the plan in little ways. It’s sneaky that mind of ours, the ways it tries to trick us into giving up when we challenge long held belief systems – about ourselves, about our safety, about who gives a crap. All of our “what difference does it make” comes up – what difference does it make if I lose weight, drop a clothes size, look better, feel better??? Who cares? Who else will care? Luckily I have a teacher who etherically is there to remind me…you are on that slippery slope again…watch your mind…you are the one who cares about you…God loves you…I love you…what’s your motivation here???!!! Hello anyone home in there??? Haha, what Derek, you talkin to me? Motivation? Oh, yeh, hmmm – let’s see…what was it? Oh yeh, my SPIRITUAL PATH! haha Right, get right on that, no problem! So in Satsang last night I shared that I had to re-find my motivation amidst the pile of other people’s crap that had been thrown on me, that I ALLOWED them to throw on me and I BROUGHT IN to myself and owned it as my own. I remembered finally my true intent, it is all about my spiritual path and getting stronger. What did I get this weekend? A kick your butt More Truth workshop from Derek and the Lads where people who came as first time students and were told they didn’t have to pay, insisted on paying because they had gotten so much from the workshop. A woman wanting a Rising Star session right now because she heard Derek’s free radio show on bullying, and an amazing Satsang with a group of be-a-u-ti-ful women! Plus the cafe was swamped on Thursday and I got to serve lots of food to lots of people, so much so I didn’t have time to eat!!! haha…thank you God! Isn’t it amazing what happens when we are clear about our intent in life? We are soooo supported by Spirit, by the Lads, by God, and of course Derek. So all you out there reading this, remember that your intent is everything. When you go into this ceremony called life, step into it with clarity every day, offer your day to God, to Creator, and keep your Eyes On Creator every minute of that day, not on the naysayers, or societies version of what they say you should be focusing on…the outer manifestation….focus instead on the inner manifestation, on loving yourself more, on what your heart is saying, on listening to your outer and your inner teacher, on the truth for you. Remember Intent is everything, set your intent, trust and surrender, let go and move forward from your heart. Many Blessings!
Love Love Love, Sandra Grey Wolf –
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About Grey Wolf Healings

I am currently learning from a spiritual teacher, Derek O'Neill of Dublin Ireland ( I do Earth Oracle Readings, Soul Retrievals, and I AM a Rising Star Teacher and Practitioner and a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop facilitator. For over 35 years I did ceremony and healing work in the Native American way, Navajo lineage. Based on their teachings, I put together The Earth Oracle, a divination system which uses the Medicine Wheel which works with the Earth energies, the animals, and the Native American teachings to help people understand themselves and their lives better. I also do Angel Readings & Healings and bring thru messages from the Angels and the Masters.
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4 Responses to Motivation is Intent, and intent is everything in the ceremony called life

  1. Pam says:

    Thank you again Sandra. Always seems to be written just to me! Amazing, isn’t it.

    • Pam,
      Thank you for your comment! It is amazing how we are all so connected. I think about you often and I hope you are doing well. You are going thru the house sale, as I am sure you heard on the Bhagavad Gita CD’s of Derek’s I went thru that also…all I can say is many lessons were learned, and still are in some ways, as I remember what I learned and continue to apply it today to my life. Good luck and many blessings! Love Love Love Sandra

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Sandra – I almost didn’t read your blog because I’ve been so tired lately, I mean super tired. Have gotten out of my meditation routine. I am seeing a doctor, so I’m including the medical side as well. Your sharing is inspiring me to at least go for a walk, and begin being more physical, giving my body the right signals that I need to be stronger. Thank
    you and lots of love! MJ

    • Mary Jo
      Thank you for your comment. It’s good you’re seeing a doctor for the tiredness. I was really tired before I started this program and between the better food choices and the exercise I do not have that “dragged down” feeling I was having, it was like trying to move thru waist high mud – is that how you feel? The only thing now I have to watch is to add some extra carbohydrates now and again. I am eating chick peas and kidney beans daily for carbs but sometimes my body needs a bit more so I add some potatoes occasionally. I know you eat low carb too so you might consider that also, sometimes depending on the doctor they don’t always think to ask what we are eating…it depends on how holistic they are. Know I love you and I am there with you, if there is anything I can help you with let me know. Many Blessings, love love love, Sandra

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