The GAME is called FEAR. And they other side of fear is love. The question is which side are you playing on? I have a teacher, Derek O’Neill of Dublin Ireland, and he did a talk in October 2021 at Creacon Wellness Retreat where he talked about this but in different terms. He said everything is God, even everything under a microscope. And that the word FAKE means Fear Attacking Kinetic Energy, and how humanity is helping those who put out Fake news and is helping them win the game by buying into FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. We should be laughing at fake news but instead many are believing it. He said everything is God even the vaccine, and it is being used to instill fear…and in that fear, separation.

In meditation the other night I saw ALL sides of the Fear Game going on now. There is the fear in those opposing it because the fake news they believe has said the vaccine has all kinds of things in it to control us or kill us down the line, so fear based beliefs. And they continue to spread the fear the fake news has told them about its abilities. And then there are those having the vaccine out of fear of getting the virus, more fake news being spread down those lines as how true is that? Because there is fake news about how many deaths are being attributed to covid that are not covid deaths at all. More fake news and fake stats? Is it really protecting us, because people vaccined are getting covid as well. Then there are the those running the “conquer and divide” game, saying those that are not vaxed are not being considerate, and those that are vaxed should punish them for not being vaxed by controlling their freedom. Then there are those who say they don’t have any fear around it at all, like myself, so if I didn’t have fear, why not get the vaccine and be free of the freedom game? But are you really free even then, there is still an underlying fear there. I always said if I had to travel I would. Then I saw the game I was playing…wait and see game…will it go away, or will it imprison me? What is that but fear of loss of freedom, and maybe I will play the game or maybe I won’t have to deal with it, which is letting someone else decide my fate while I sit on the sidelines and watch because of what? I don’t want to be wrong? Fear of being wrong.

There are so many games being played at the same time but the underlying truth is the GAME IS FEAR. So what is the TRUTH? Who will win the game? The truth we ALL need to come to is simple, it is LOVE. Jesus said it, “I am in the world but not of it.” In other words we live in a 3D world, so we have to play the game. Sai Baba said “Face the devil and finish the game”. The devil is fear, the savior is Love. When we are in fear we have forgotten who the REAL controller of the game is, we have put our faith in the fake and not in the real. The only real is God, God is everything, God is only love, therefore everything IS LOVE…even the vaccine.

WE create the vaccine going into our body being LOVE or FEAR. We can do that, we have that power. You see no one has power over our body, mind and spirit but us, unless we give it to them. Whether we have the vaccine or not, we control what goes into our body. Sages have shown that by ingesting poisons and it doesn’t affect them in the least. Why? They control how it affects them. We have this ability as well, and in Derek’s talk he gives us the solution – if you choose to be vaccinated, chant the name of God and the MRNA will change under those conditions. Whether you take the vaccine or not, that is a personal choice. If you have service to do in the world to help people, you may be faced with that choice in order to fly or do the work you have come to do. Service to man is service to God. Service IS love.

This is not a new game, this game of control has been played over and over again in societies for eons of time, the Ancient Teachers called it Technology. It is still called that today. And the only winners were those that applied the teachings of Love. The ancient law is “As within, so without” and “As above, so below”. Love within creates love without. God above creates all below. The good, the bad and the ugly. When we see everything as love, we believe in God over man’s creation, and we “live in the world but not of it”. It does not affect us unless we believe it will. Our only task is to find our own truth in this, and it is this truth that will set us free. Love conquers fear, choose love.

(Excerpts from talk by Derek O’Neill at Creacon Wellness Retreat in Co.Wexford, Ireland- Oct.2021 – presented by Sandra Grey Wolf)

About Grey Wolf Healings

I am currently learning from a spiritual teacher, Derek O'Neill of Dublin Ireland ( I do Earth Oracle Readings, Soul Retrievals, and I AM a Rising Star Teacher and Practitioner and a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop facilitator. For over 35 years I did ceremony and healing work in the Native American way, Navajo lineage. Based on their teachings, I put together The Earth Oracle, a divination system which uses the Medicine Wheel which works with the Earth energies, the animals, and the Native American teachings to help people understand themselves and their lives better. I also do Angel Readings & Healings and bring thru messages from the Angels and the Masters.
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