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Sandra Grey Wolf Bio:

I have been walking the spiritual path my whole life –  My mother was Catholic and my father was a Mormon but I was baptized as a Catholic and went to Catholic school until I was 18, we also had Mormon teachers that came to the house I learned from as well.  Then I threw it all out at 22 and studied philosophy, positive thinking, Zen, self-hypnosis, meditation and came back to my spiritual path years later to learn from Hindu teachers and teachings, Buddhism,  Course In Miracles, Unity teachings, and continued on to study many Religious and Spiritual paths and healing modalities.  In 1981 I had an Initiation into Hands-on-Healing by the Christ energy, and for many years did my healing work in that way.  In the early 80’s I was also a facilitator for a 5 day intensive seminar for a large Human Potential Development seminar company which dealt with releasing trauma’s of the past.  I went on to learn from the man who started that whole seminar system, and worked and learned from him for several years.  His name was Alexander Everett, he was recognized by Sathya Sai Baba for his teachings which reached and helped thousands of people that were all about “Oneness” as he was told by Sai Baba.  During that time, I was also apprenticed for 22 years and worked with Native American teachers, learning to walk my talk thru ceremony and healing work done in both Matriarchal lineage and Patriarchal lineages.  At that time I also learned about the animals and what they have to teach us. I started doing Readings and also Soul Retrievals in 1985 and have been working with those as an aspect of my healing work since then.  I consider my Earth Oracle Readings to be healings as well.

Now I am apprenticed to Derek O’Neill of Dublin, Ireland, who worked with Sathya Sai Baba for many years and was initiated into Karuna Reiki and into many other higher spiritual teachings and ceremonies as directed by him. I started in 2006 as an apprentice to Derek, and I was initiated as a Rising Start Healing Practitioner and Teacher by him that same year.  In 2007 I was initiated by Derek as a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop facilitator which are the workshops Derek does all over the world.  I have since done healing work, readings and teachings at his wellness facility in Ireland – Creacon Wellness Retreat.

My healing and teaching work is conducted worldwide and can be booked through Creacon at:

The Healing Modalities that I currently offer and are available In-Person or by Remote or Zoom are:  Rising Star Healings, More Truth Will Set You Free workshops, Soul Retrievals, Earth Oracle Readings, Angel Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Stress Management, Meditation, Hands-On-Healings, Eagle Feather Healings & Blessings, Prema Agni Healing, Sweatlodge Sauna, Spiritual Minister Counselling.  And several classes: Mastering the Mind Meditation, More Truth Will Set You Free workshops, Soul Retrieval classes.

I also offer most of these by Zoom, so my work is accessible anywhere you live in the world.  The Energy Healing work:  Soul Retrievals & Rising Star Healings, Hands-on-Healings,the Readings (except tea leaf :), Stress Management, Meditation teachings, Eagle Feather Healings, Prema Agni Healings & as a Minister – Spiritual Counselling.

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  1. Meghan Ryder says:

    Hello Sandra, my daughter was just at Creakon and I understand you have moved to Arizona. I’m interested to know if you do healing remotely and also where you are located as I may go to Arizona, I am in need of healing, going through a difficult time and I think soul retrieval might help
    Thank you

  2. Meghan, I am still doing all my work I do for Creacon from Arizona while I am here. I do it all by zoom or remote healings for Rising Star Healings. Soul Retrievals are one of those appointments I can do by zoom and have done many that way, they work the same whether in person or the interaction on zoom. Also my Earth Oracle Readings and Angel readings are just the same by zoom as well. You can purchase all of these thru Creacon and they forward me the order and I set up the time and day with you.

    I am in the Phoenix area in Arizona. I do healings and readings at my friends crystal store, it is called Star Woman For readings, Soul retrievals, or Rising Star Healings done in Phoenix you can contact me thru my email: Those are paid for here when I see you in person in Phoenix. I set up the time/day direct with you by email.

    Thank you for your inquiry!
    Many Blessings

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