Animal Medicine for October 2012

I was doing this blog on the SQ Wellness site and am now doing it for my friends on Facebook. Animals have a lot to teach us, animal medicine is their gifts they have to give us to help us understand what issues we are working on today, or this month, or this year.  They help us to understand what energy we need to open up to the lessons being presented at this moment. An animal offers their gift of healing for the month so we know what will help us embrace more truth in our lives and in our hearts.

ANT came up for the month of October. Ant helps us work with the energy of PATIENCE…Ahhh…a very powerful teaching for one so little. If you have ever had ants invade your kitchen you will have had first hand experience with the patience it takes to help them find a better place to reside. We end up having to look at every little speck we leave behind to help them see we really don’t have anything worth their while. How does that translate in your life?  We look at the big issues, what about the residue?  Are all the surrounding issues looked at?  Say your issue is abandonment by a parent…you have probably dealt with forgiveness of the parent, your own issues that have resulted from it, etc….have you looked at who you abandoned in your life including yourself, have you forgiven yourself for your abandonment of others and yourself, etc.?  Ask your Higher Self to scout around inside your heart and see what may have been left behind that needs resolution.

Patience is definitely my lesson this lifetime. My teacher told me I was trying to “storm the gates of heaven” because I was so intent and serious in my spiritual practice, always asking…what can I do now? what more can I do? Isn’t there anything else I can be doing? (listen to discourse on Confidence by Derek O’Neill)  Ant’s understand the value of patience, cooperation, teamwork and working for the good of the whole.  It often takes patience with yourself and others to make this happen though, at work, at home, and in relationships.  We have to be patient with people’s issues as well as our own…when will I ever get over making my first reaction anger?  When will I quit giving my power away to bosses and co-workers?  When will I stand up for myself?  Every day is a new beginning, have patience with yourself and others as you find the confidence to speak what needs to be said in a nice but firm way.  We may not always be obliging, but we can always speak obligingly.

One of the biggest areas for me is learning “what is yours will come to you” or “what God brings to you, won’t go past you”. It seems like I work and work and work only to take 3 steps forward and then 2 steps backward, again and again and again. Jeesh! I see and know what I want – then I realize that it’s a desire and I’m reaching for the fruit of my actions, grasping for the apple…out on a limb….to the point of….ahhhh falllllinnng!  Back at the bottom of the tree I go…wonder if that’s why Buddha was sitting UNDER the tree…not at the top of it! haha Wonder if he had to deal with ants while under that tree.  Ant reminds me to do everything I do as an act for Spirit, so offer it up and then let it go.  It is my motivation for the act that matters, it is the energy with which I do the service that matters, and that is all in this very moment, the NOW, the Present, that’s why it’s a gift. One of the teachings from Derek talks about Concentration, Contemplation and Meditation being the way to become enlightened. They all happen in the NOW, not while we are thinking about what happened yesterday or what is going to happen tomorrow. The ant is small and so sees what is right in front of him, when you see them in lines its because they have heard the call…help needed ahead….food for the family ahead…and so they move patiently forward concentrating on each step they take, knowing that the goal is in reach as long as they just keep moving forward and keeping their eyes on Creator…not necessarily on the goal or the dream but on Creator because maybe Spirit wants him to take a detour, after all there are other food possibilities out there, other avenues to explore. We can, like ant, work together for the good of the whole yet at the same time listen to our hearts and to the still small voice that may call us at any time to change direction. If we aren’t in the NOW though, we won’t hear it, we will block it with fears of the past or projections of the future. So October is the month to walk with patience for yourself and others, do your work for the good of the whole, know that what is yours will come to you, put your fears aside and trust the process. Life is the process…enjoy every moment and really live your life right NOW!
Many Blessings on your journey,
Sandra Grey Wolf

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About Grey Wolf Healings

I am currently learning from a spiritual teacher, Derek O'Neill of Dublin Ireland ( I do Earth Oracle Readings, Soul Retrievals, and I AM a Rising Star Teacher and Practitioner and a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop facilitator. For over 35 years I did ceremony and healing work in the Native American way, Navajo lineage. Based on their teachings, I put together The Earth Oracle, a divination system which uses the Medicine Wheel which works with the Earth energies, the animals, and the Native American teachings to help people understand themselves and their lives better. I also do Angel Readings & Healings and bring thru messages from the Angels and the Masters.
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