Gavin told me “no excuses”….Get ready New Yorkers, he’s on his way!

Forewarned is forarmed…as the saying goes. Gavin is going to New York and will gently motivate you as he kicks your butt into high gear. I lived the Spirit of Christmas in December…including being lazy with my exercise and eating a few chocolates. I wouldn’t say I gained any weight but I could tell my body was missing the exercise. So I happened to mention to Gavinsky that I was really busy with work lately and missed a few exercise times…haha, he said “that’s just an excuse”. I had two options, get off my duff and get back in gear, or forward all my emails to Gavin for a week…haha, just kidding, option 2 wouldn’t have worked he would have just sent them back! Just like he sent back my comment about work being an excuse. I thought it was a GOOD excuse, we all use it in one form or the other…oh, I’m so busy, I have to take the kids to soccer,  I have a new project at work, etc., yada, yada, yada. The truth that will set you free…and put you back on the path of your exercise program is…you won’t be doing any of that without your health. You have to put you as number one, so that you can help everyone else. The old airplane video…put your oxygen mask on first so you can help the child next to you. I can’t do my healing work if I am not strong enough to handle the energy. We have work to do, we have service to perform, we have people to help, we have a world to save…don’t we? It is not just about us…but it starts with us. Every spiritual book I read about teachers working with students talks about how they instruct their students to make physical fitness a priority…and discipline the biggest priority of all. If we are disciplined, we will keep on the Spiritual path, doing the meditation, reading the books, watching our thoughts, and exercising and keeping our bodies in good health.

I have to make a major point here about the exercise program that I have worked at since I have started coming to Creacon in 2007…the 5 Tibetans. I cannot tell you how important those exercises are for keeping me fit, giving me energy, reducing pain in my body, opening my heart and balancing all my chakras. If you really want to get serious about staying energetically fit, these exercises, which are the only ones Derek has introduced to Creacon, are the most amazing exercises for keeping you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit. Walking, lifting weights, yoga, and all the rest are good, I do those and each one serves a purpose and works together with the food program Gavin gave me to help me get fit and feel better, but I also swear by the Tibetans. I have asked Jonathan to do a video of him doing the Tibetans just like he does at Creacon, so we could all follow along every day and do them with the video when he’s not around. Wouldn’t you all like that? I think it’s a great idea!!! Write or email him at Creacon and get him to do one, and what a great way for us to support Creacon at the same time!

I do a combination of exercises – Derek told me to walk 20 minutes a day, Gavin added 6 simple weight exercises with barbells, I do the Tibetans with Jonathan  here 3 times a week and I add a day or two more of the Tibetans every week for myself. Consider it a Fitness Program for not only your physical health but for your spiritual health. Sometimes the spiritual path is uphill…at least mine feels like it at times, maybe you don’t have that experience…and if I am tired and feeling sluggish it just makes the whole process that much harder to handle. I process thru things much quicker when I feel better physically, I didn’t realize this until I became physically fitter than I was for years. When I was tired and overweight and feeling like I was dragging along, the last thing I wanted to do was deal with my issues too! So I vegged out…at the movies, wandering around a bookstore, browsing thru Home Depot for gosh sakes when I dont’ know a screwdriver from a gizmo maker, going out to breakfast/lunch/dinner with friends, reading fiction…avoiding and procrastinating because when I was tired, exercising was the last thing on my mind.  I was too tired to do something that would make me less tired! It was a Catch 22, like a mouse on a treadmill, round and round I go…in circles…haha…just got it Derek!!! Only took me 2 years – sorry private joke…you know your teacher gives you those seemingly innocent, benign comments and two years later the light bulb finally comes on over your head! Geesh…if that isn’t a reason to exercise I don’t know what is!!!

So I did not start out to push you to exercise but my blog ends up being like my More Truth Will Set You Free workshops…I am not the doer, no agenda, let Spirit guide my hands, and here you go. Well as Derek once told me after the first More Truth I did in our training class…”you did the workshop, now play the music”. So hit the button on your Ipod, CD player…put on something that tells your body it has to move…and DANCE…best form of exercise God ever invented.  I think I will start a “Move your body, move your life” class at Creacon and just put on some great rock music in the meditation hall,  or I maybe I should call it “Merlin meets Elvis” – more like Merlin KNOWS Elvis, since he’s on that side not this one….or is he?  And for gosh sakes while you’re at it, get out there and have some fun!  I remember a quote from a book an Aborigine elder once said “I feel sorry for those people who have never stood naked in the rain” – It is great to do, very freeing…I tried it once in LA and actually didn’t get arrested…haha, another story for another time!

Enjoy your life, be happy, and remember what Gavin said “NO EXCUSES”! He will be in New York on February 1st you lucky people, if you haven’t had a hug from Gavin you haven’t lived (well next to Derek that is) – so write his email address and make an appointment, it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself, your life starts NOW:

I asked him which email address was good for health questions and this is the one!  By the way I have lost about 45+ pounds and LOTS of inches, I am needing a new wardrobe…I keep telling Gavin its his fault so he better give over his Amex card, I’m in the mood to shop!

Many Blessings and Much Love!
Grey Wolf / Sandra

For more information about a great teacher named Derek O’Neill, and especially to get registered for his upcoming NY workshop on February 17th, 2013 –  go to:

If you would like to know more about Rising Star healings, email me at:

About Grey Wolf Healings

I am currently learning from a spiritual teacher, Derek O'Neill of Dublin Ireland ( I do Earth Oracle Readings, Soul Retrievals, and I AM a Rising Star Teacher and Practitioner and a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop facilitator. For over 35 years I did ceremony and healing work in the Native American way, Navajo lineage. Based on their teachings, I put together The Earth Oracle, a divination system which uses the Medicine Wheel which works with the Earth energies, the animals, and the Native American teachings to help people understand themselves and their lives better. I also do Angel Readings & Healings and bring thru messages from the Angels and the Masters.
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1 Response to Gavin told me “no excuses”….Get ready New Yorkers, he’s on his way!

  1. amira roberts says:

    Ok forget Gavin kicking butt your doing a greet job all by yourself 😉 mine just got booted ! I have jut finished my yoga teacher training and the last class we did the 5 Tibetans and I sunnily remembered I did it at Creacon with Jonathan and was thinking of asking him to do the very same as there are a few things that are different in the ones I have googled to watch so that I will do , after the hols I got sick and I am finding it hard to kick start on all levels , Glyn bought me the gold R/S for Xmas and since I put it on I got sick and I figure its up grading on some level;) Glyn also just back from round one in LA and is really understanding what it’s like having a live teacher in your space amazing 😉 Much love and keep up this inspiring insights Amira xxx

    Live in Love Amira Roberts Sacred Breath Facilitator Rising Star, Prema Birthing Practitioner and Teacher 778 327 7939

    Allow your breath to take you there. It is time to breathe in the light of source and breathe out the opportunity of expansion. Divine Pegasus

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